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#15 'Presets' or saving/restoring different settings


Many users (I suppose) are using different GPS settings depending on the kind of activity. So, it would be very convenient if you can save that settings as presets (i.s.o. only the current settings).

The number of presets should be (at least) 4, but perhaps a few more. Maybe the maximum depends on the screen layout where I (and probably others too) prefer a selection (drop-down) list without a vertical scroll bar.

Remark/discussion about an indication of the preset name of the current settings. At first thought that looks nice. But apart from the possible problem of where to place, it can be "risky". Of course, it can be programmed that the last chosen preset name is shown somewhere. But that does not guarantee that the current settings are according to that preset. For some reason the actual settings can be changed and BT747 can only read the values from the GPS device and not that preset name. Comparing all settings of the GPS with the presets is perhaps possible, but rather complicated. So imho, an indication of the current preset name can be skipped. And if a user is uncertain about the current settings, he can restore (and set) the appropriate preset (again).

Note. The Qstarz PC Utility software (V4) has 4 settings: General, Car, Bicycle and Walking. These presets (for the log criteria) looks nice initially, but are nearly useless. They are not saved at the device and you can't switch the presets outdoors.

A few things to think about.
Should the restored settings be set at the GPS device automatically or only after a yes/no confirmation?
I'm not sure of what is currently saved and restored, but I would prefer that all device related BT747 settings are saved (and restored).


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