Can't connect to my 747

  • 1drey

    1drey - 2007-10-07

    The application starts okay, but I can't set the correct COM port (all other applications can find my logger at COM 9). Get message - NoSuchPortException

    • Mario De Weerd

      Mario De Weerd - 2007-10-07

      Please be more specific.

      Do you use run_ex.bat or run_rxtx.bat ?  I think you are using run_ex.bat - it may need some configuration.  Try run_rxtx.bat instead.

    • 1drey

      1drey - 2007-10-12

      Hi Mario,

      I used run_rxtx.bat

      It just turned that I made mistakes while trying to change the COM port.

      Now I can connect with my 747 using your program - can read and change settings like logging parameters, fix frequency etc.

      Now the only task I can't perform is the log downloading. When I press the field "Get log", in the bottom section of the program window appears the progress bar with "0 b", no log file is created.

      Thank you,

    • 1drey

      1drey - 2007-10-12

      Everything works, sorry for bothering - used \\ instead of \ in the path to the log file


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