iPaq hx2795 vs bt747 > 1.39

Andy Evans
  • Andy Evans

    Andy Evans - 2008-03-07


    I hadn't updated much lately, but discovered today that 1.42 "hung" on my iPaq. I have been using bt747 since 12/07 at least. I sampled versions 1.42,41,40 from BT747.PocketPC_ARM and all behaved the same way. It seems to open to the Log screen but the graphic is a bit jumbled and the iPaq becomes almost completely unresponsive. Basically a reset is needed.

    The iPaq is WM5 and I downloaded SuperWaba 5.84 and reinstalled and re-tested just to be sure.

    Sorry, to report the problem, but I really do enjoy your program and appreciate your efforts. I was using 1.38 previously but can not update beyond 1.39 on the iPaq. 1.42 does work on MS Windows XP just fine. GPS is a resistor-hacked QT1000 (never get that far (to attempt connection) with the iPaq and bt747 versions 1.40-1.42).

    Thanks for all your efforts!


    • Andy Evans

      Andy Evans - 2008-03-07

      I also deleted the settings file to be sure there wasn't a problem there. I am downloading BT747_1.42_en_full.zip (and similar for previous versions) as the package to extract from. I also used the Pocket PC uninstaller to remove the package first as a test. Settings doesn't seem to save the debug option from run to run, so I couldn't easily debug further, but will if you offer suggestions.

      Thanks for your help, AndyE

    • Mario De Weerd

      Mario De Weerd - 2008-03-09

      V1.45 should work now.

    • Andy Evans

      Andy Evans - 2008-03-16

      Thanks for all your efforts! Both 1.45 and 1.46 have worked great for me.


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