BT747 & QStarz BT-Q1000X (MTK II chipset)

  • Eric

    Eric - 2008-12-26

    I just got a BT-Q1000X. Should this device work with BT747? I cannot get it to connect to BT747. I have successfully connected and downloaded logs from my Q1000X using Mac TravelRecorder on the same computer.

    I have a 1.5Ghz PowerBook G4 running Mac OS 10.5.5

    I have installed the Mac OS X driver found here:

    And I have tried following the instructions on these pages: (install the desktop version)

    • Eric

      Eric - 2008-12-26


      I got my Q1000X to connect to the BT747 Desktop Application V1.61.3. Initially I was trying to connect to "USB (for Linux, Mac)" and "BLUETOOTH (for Mac)"

      When I found out that I could scroll down for more choices, I had success with "/dev/tty.modem" , "/dev/cu.modem" , "/dev/tty.QstarzGPS-SPPslave-1" , and "/dev/cu.QstarzGPS-SPPslave-1".

      I assume the first two have something to do with my USB connection to the device, and the last two have something to do with my Bluetooth connection.

      Now I have having problems downloading the log. I click on the button labeled "iBlue / Qstarz / Holux / Konet" a Download progress bar comes up in the lower right hand corner of the application window. However, the progress bar never makes any progress.

      I'll tinker with it tomorrow. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    • Dirk Haase

      Dirk Haase - 2008-12-26

      That sound good that you have this new Logger and MacOS. This Logger is the next i will buy and if they work under MacOS i can use them. ;-) Thanks for this information.

    • Eric

      Eric - 2008-12-27

      2nd UPDATE:

      IT WORKS!
      (my QStarz Q1000X and the BT747 Desktop Application V1.61.3)

      Last night I was still not connecting to the correct port, which explains why I was not able to download any data from my Q1000X. The ports that work for me are as follows:


      please note that "/dev/tty.modem" and "/dev/cu.modem" do NOT work as I had reported earlier.

      I find that I have to have the DataLogger turned on and plugged into my USB port for the "usbmodem" ports to show up.

      Does it matter if we use /dev/ or /dev/ ?
      It seems like "cu" would be the preferred option based on this article:

    • roscolux

      roscolux - 2009-01-08

      Hi Eric:

      I am thinking of getting the new Q1000x, so thanks for posting how you got it to work with BT747 and a mac!

      There are not a lot of reviews on the device yet.  How do you like it?  What mac software are you using after you get the logs with BT747?

      Thanks again,

    • Dirk Haase

      Dirk Haase - 2009-02-07

      Hi Donald.

      I'm not Eric, but i have a 1000X too. What will you do with the logs after downloading ? In my case (also a Mac-user) bt747 do all the work. I can cut the logs how i like, i can store them in different formats, i can save coordinates in photos. All works good. What more do you need ?

      Kind regards,


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