BT747 with PPC and handy

  • Uwe Kreplin

    Uwe Kreplin - 2009-04-17


    I`m a new member in this forum, but my English is not good, excuse me.

    My logger is a new Qstarz BT-Q1000X.
    I have two problems with the software BT747:

    1. PPC iPAQ 214
    - I install the program "superwaba" --> it`s ok
    - now I want install "BT747.PocketPC_ARM.CAB", I click on the .CAB but it started the superwaba-inst once moore, why?

    2. Handy Nokia 5200
    - Software BT747 is installed and I can see data from the logger.
    - when I want download a log from the logger, I read this bugreport:
    **Download interrupted**

    What`s wrong?

    Puh, I hope, you can understand my problems.

    Many regards

    • Uwe Kreplin

      Uwe Kreplin - 2009-04-17


      The first point is now ok.

      1. Hardreset iPAQ 214

      2. Install all new

      3. BT747 works :-)

      Many regards

    • Mario De Weerd

      Mario De Weerd - 2009-04-17


      Regarding your second question.

      From the main screen you can go to the application log in the 'App menu' [you can also do this from the application log menu].
      Possibly you can find some hints there.

      You can also adjust the information you find there and in files on your device through the App Settings/Debug Conditions.

      Generally the message indicates the download was stopped through a request - it could be that you get the same message when a problem occurs.  Is the path for the output file ok?  Did the file get created (even empty?).  You can change the name of the file in the download menu and the path to the file in the App Settings/Working dir screen.

    • Uwe Kreplin

      Uwe Kreplin - 2009-04-28


      thank you for your help.

      It`s all right now!

      Many regards


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