V1.67.8 is out!

  • Mario De Weerd

    Mario De Weerd - 2009-01-12

    I just added the final functionality to V1.67.8 that I deemed necessary before making a 'non-development' release: the capability of saying how the tagged files will be named.

    There is still a bit of cleaning up to do before actually making that release + I'ld like some further feedback from thos that have been evaluating all these development releases.

    It would be nice to have the available translations completed too.  Unfortunately the biggest community does not have its translation yet: German.  The other translations are well advanced: French, Dutch, Russian, Chinese (Taiwan), Italian, Spanish.  Some other languages are in the pipe like German or Letvian.

    BT747 also has a command line interface since a while.  For the moment I updated the scripts only on PC, but it comes down to adding the options on the java call (at the end).  Tagging in batch mode is possible as well as some other selected functions.

    Because BT747 can read GPX files and NMEA files, it can handle 'other' GPS device logs as well.

    So basically, I'ld like to clean up a bit, fix some bugs in the newest functions, possibly adding a few more buttons and then call this an official release.  I should probably call it 2.0 ;-).

    • iks

      iks - 2009-01-13

      but I think that now it will be better to name it 1.70
      in couple of months: after some bugfixes, GUI menu re-structuring etc - it will be possible to release  2.0

      • Mario De Weerd

        Mario De Weerd - 2009-01-13

        The reasons for 2.0 are that before there was no map and no tagging.

        • iks

          iks - 2009-01-13

          I agree: application has many great new features yet.

          But there are some things to do before that great release.

          First of all, I think you should re-organize menu in j2se version.
          I would recommend to create 3 main groups:
          - "Loggers" (Log operations w/o Convert, Device settings, Advanced device) ,
          - "Tracks" (Convert, Filters, Output settings w/o Language, Map, Tagging)
          - "Setup" (Output settings, Advanced file settings, Interface senntins - language etc).

          Second: fix some bugs (displaying and making of track segments etc) :)


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