Tagging in J2SE application

  • Libor Nenadál

    Libor Nenadál - 2009-07-28

    I think that image tagging procedure is not much intuitive. First of all I would rename buttons:
    - Tag From File -> Tag Images (this button is very misleading)
    - Add Files -> Add Images (not too critical)
    - Save Tagged Files -> Save Tagged Images
    Also their order should be changed to follow the order of actions - 1. Add, 2. Tag, 3. Save

    Also log operations tab should be simplified a bit. Don't take me wrong, I do think that your application is great, but I just think that user friendliness is very poor. I can help you with it if you want. ;-)

    • Mario De Weerd

      Mario De Weerd - 2009-07-28

      I agree that user friendliness can improve - I am not an expert at that.

      Regarding the tagging interface: this is what needs to absolutely improve but I have not yet 'found' the way to change it best while maintaining functionality and keeping the interface size limited.

      Regarding Files/Images.  It is actually possible to 'tag' files because the file date will be used to place it on the map.  You could have notes and other things.

      I am leaving on vacation in a few days, so I'll not be making these changes soon I think.  Your help is welcome.  I am not sure what your skills are, but for the GUI I use 'Netbeans' to do the graphical layout.  You could make a suggestion by making the changes in Netbeans (I'll explain how of course).  This could be doen 'in parallel' without too much impact on the 'mainstream' coding.

      • Libor Nenadál

        Libor Nenadál - 2009-07-29

        Well I did not dig into the code much and I am not sure how much depends the desktop GUI on the PDA GUI. I think that when application is started for the first time it can ask for the datalogger type (I am personally using the Holux-241) and then it would set the default parameters. So most of the setting could be moved to some advanced setup tab.
        Steps for image tagging should be limited to:
        1. selection of images (or supported files) by file multi selection in a directory or by selecting a directory and all supported files would be added by recursing it.
        2. tag & save
        I think there could be some preview button that would do the same the current Tag From File button does and also a check box "update GPS model" - that would connect to logger and added the latest data. But for common use 2 actions only would be needed - select files, tag them and you are done.
        I did not experiment with the other application features much though so I am not sure this does not break other approaches.

        • Mario De Weerd

          Mario De Weerd - 2009-07-29

          The PDA GUI and the J2SE GUI are 'independent'.  They are both considered views in the MVC model and do not share code (other than the 'Model' and the 'Controller').
          The same is valid for the J2ME GUI and the CLI.

          Automatic detection of the model has been lingering in my mind.  When implemented, this detection will be done only once: on the first connection of the program - or on request.
          Still, it will be difficult to continue to do this when other model types are supported that are not 'MTK' based or that use very different protocols.

          There are three steps here because I prefer checking that the tags are placed correctly before committing to disk.  But even if there are three buttons, the third one could be 'tag and save'.

          This will not break 'other approaches' I think.

          BTW: did you know that you can drag and drop files to the application.  If the extension corresponds to a 'log' extension, the file will be taken as a log, otherwise it will be used as a 'file to tag'.


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