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BSSE 0.8.0

This release includes htaccess functionality (HTTP authenticate), a new database class for the util functionality, shutdown hooks, and several other fixes.

Posted by Kenji Hollis 2008-02-01

BSSE 0.7.2

Updated code, this is the last release in the 0.7.x series. I will be adding a TON of new features in 0.8.x. Keep an eye out!

Posted by Kenji Hollis 2008-01-03

BSSE 0.7.1 + UTIL 0.1.1

Please download the latest UTIL class with this release of BSSE, otherwise, the code will not compile properly.

This new update includes several changes to support SOAP responses to SOAP request objects.

Check it out, build the javadoc, and try it.

Posted by Kenji Hollis 2008-01-01

BSSE 0.7.0

Now includes the startings of SOAP compliance for SOAP 1.2. Check it out! It works great; simply install and run with "sh start". That's all it takes.

Posted by Kenji Hollis 2007-12-16

BSSE 0.6.1

HUGE number of changes. This new code includes a new util library that contains the utilities classes moved from the BSSE library to the new directory. BSSE itself has had a HUGE number of changes as well. Please see the changelog for more info!

Posted by Kenji Hollis 2007-11-29

BSSE 0.6.0

It's out finally!

Posted by Kenji Hollis 2007-10-23

BSSE: 0.5.3

Implemented HTTP Post. Fixed several bugs that appeared when testing POST. HTTPS is now working properly. Code stable for the last 0.5.x release.

Finally finished the 0.5 series of code. Version 0.6.x will be the next series of releases, to which, there are a ton of new features planned.

Posted by Kenji Hollis 2007-09-24

BSSE 0.5.2

Version 0.5.2 has been released to fix most HTTP-based problems found during testing. POST will be the subject of the next check-in, but it will not handle file posts.

Posted by Kenji Hollis 2007-09-18

BSSE 0.5.1

New update includes a fix to HTTP that was causing file requests to fail and only send partial file data. This was causing all browsers to exhibit differing results, each of which was incorrect. After fixing this, keep-alive now works properly. Added a finalize() method to OutputBuffer, and added some more optimizations of already existing code.

Posted by Kenji Hollis 2007-09-04

BSSE 0.5.0

BSSE 0.5.0 has been released, the first in a line of bug fixes and buffer updates. Please check out the ChangeLog in the file, and feel free to use it and ask questions if you have any. I'm always happy to help.

Posted by Kenji Hollis 2007-08-27

BSSE 0.4.3

BSSE 0.4.3 has been released, and this is the final release in the 0.4.x series of code. The next releases will be strictly bug fixes, code expansion, and starting of meaningful documentation.

Posted by Kenji Hollis 2007-08-06

BSSE 0.4.2

Promised changes have been made to the server. The server now has the ability to display files requested from the HTTP service, and it can now display directory requests. There's still some minor touching up to be done with that portion of the server, but for the most part, things are working very well, and the server is behaving very well.

0.4.3 will include some more changes to the initial input handling (ie. when a request is made with URL-encoded data), and will have better handling of keep-alive connections, I hope. There's a lingering bug in the system that requires a request to be made a second time, and I am addressing that as I write this. Will also update the HTTP Get service so it works better with unknown requested files, and implementation of default page will be done as well.... read more

Posted by Kenji Hollis 2007-07-22

Gaining Momentum!

The project's gaining momentum! We'll have a 0.4.2 release in the next couple of days that fixes some of the immediate problems with the request made - specifically with binary data - and performs HTTP/1.1 host lookups properly. It will also display directory listings and things of that nature. Sorry about that; the new code will fix the immediate issues!

Posted by Kenji Hollis 2007-07-17


LOTS of changes in this release. Rewriting HTTP service from scratch so it works better, added more fixes to the main portion of code. See the ChangeLog for more information - LOTS of fixes.

Posted by Kenji Hollis 2007-07-13


First release of 0.4.x series is completed. This is a much more stable release than the 0.3.x series, as it fixes major memory-related bugs, and added server scalability and stability.

Posted by Kenji Hollis 2007-06-24

BSSE 0.3.5

This is the last release of BSSE in the 0.3.x release. It further stabilizes the threading model in the code, and refactorizes a couple of classes in the system. It also tightens up a little bit of extra code to help the server be more managable.

BSSE 0.4.x is going to follow the further ROADMAP file in the release. Please refer to it to give more information on what is going to be done.

Posted by Kenji Hollis 2007-05-21

BSSE 0.3.4

New release of BSSE has been made available. This version refactors most of the class code to com.bitgate instead of bitgate. Updated socket code a bit to add the ability to attach properties to each connection (see the improvements in HTTP code.) Also added extra cache objects, and a layer to handle threads a little easier.

I will be starting a programming tutorial and how-to for the platform soon. It will most likely be a PDF file. I hope to gain some interest in this project that way. Don't know if anyone is looking at this code, or has even tried it - I'd be interested in hearing feedback if you have, and what you like/dislike about the project.

Posted by Kenji Hollis 2007-05-19

BSSE 0.3.3

Progress is being made. The code has been refactored slightly to handle more thread-safe written code. The next sets of releases will handle callbacks for different types of connections that are made to the system, as well as a semi-Spring-like framework for handling input and output of data from the server to the handled protocol framework.

Other things need to change in the code to handle the clustering functionality, and this will be done when the actual Service code gets reworked and abstract class functionality has been written for the generic handling of most protocol code.... read more

Posted by Kenji Hollis 2007-04-30

BSSE 0.3.2 - Juliet Release

Changes include several fixes to Clustering, as well as a beginning framework for the automated Clustering functionality.

Posted by Kenji Hollis 2007-03-20

BSSE 0.3.2 Progress

0.3.2 is being built and updated on a nightly basis. The clustering functionality is extremely complex, so this is taking a lot longer than I expected previously. I will be uploading 0.3.2 shortly with the clustering structure put in place, and a possible first try on connections to peers, but this will not be completed. At the very least, you'll be able to see the progress and direction I'm going with it.

Posted by Kenji Hollis 2007-03-16

BSSE 0.3.1: India Release

Okay, here's the latest scoop on the latest release.

This is a feature build and bug fix release. It includes documentation for Statistics, added a simple docroot directory with index.html and favicon.ico files. Added 200/404 handling to HTTP protocol. Added mime.xml and mime.types files for Mime Type handling. Added basic scripting functionality (Java 6) to the system, with a "test.js" file to show it working. Added simplistic POST handling, added statistics to HTTP, added host allow/deny to service-level code. Bug fixed Scheduler so it works reliably, and updated ByteString code to help binary output.... read more

Posted by Kenji Hollis 2007-01-11

BSSE 0.3.0: Hotel Release

Hotel release includes:

- Removal of useless I/O timer code.
- Simple HTTP server implementation.
- Stale capability of cache objects.
- Serialize/Deserialize of cache data.
- Updates to several interface classes to make use easier and more understandable.
- Updated server code with "getRegisterOps" so server protocols can establish select operations on new client connections.
- Added statistics output (simple) to the system.

Posted by Kenji Hollis 2006-12-26

Java 6 to be a requirement before BSSE 0.5.0

Before the official release of BSSE 0.5.0, Java 6 is going to be a requirement of this project because of the Java DB, XML, and Scripting support that it will be built upon.


Posted by Kenji Hollis 2006-12-15

Is Anyone Using This Software?

I'd be curious to know if anyone out there is actually downloading this software and putting it to use, or trying it out? I see a few people downloading it, but haven't seen any inquiries as to its use, or any other questions. Does anyone actually find this useful, or is anyone actually benefiting from the code?

I have some pretty massive plans for this software, and would like to know who all is using it, and what they like/dislike about it so far.... read more

Posted by Kenji Hollis 2006-12-14

SVN and UML Documentation

Subversion is now online for checking out and viewing. The code in subversion is the latest code, so don't expect it to be complete, or to even work.

Do expect, however, the code to compile and run. It may not run properly, but the whole point is to have a working copy in the repository as progress is made, as well as a note for each check-in so you can see what is being done.

As for further documentation, because I anticipiate the possibility that other people may want to help with the project, I will be working on UML diagrams to flowchart my thoughts on where the project pieces will be headed. These flow charts may be written in either Visio, or another open source solution.... read more

Posted by Kenji Hollis 2006-12-14

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