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Blackspirit Graphics / News: Recent posts

Upcoming JOGL 2 support

A version supporting JOGL 2 is currently in progress and all existing demos are already working on the current code.
This is not committed yet as it needs splitting up into multiple eclipse projects which will be combined with a move to GIT.

Posted by Markus Koller 2011-09-29

Blackspirit Graphics 2.0.1 Released

This release adds a transformation stack to push and pop transformation state. There are also some minor bugfixes.

Posted by Markus Koller 2011-09-29

Blackspirit Graphics 2.0 Released

Finally a stable release is out. No features have been added but quite some bugs fixed.

Posted by Markus Koller 2009-08-19

Still under development

It may looks like there is not much going on at the moment but Blackspirit Graphics is still under development. It is currently being used for developing the Blackspirit Engine. The stability of the current Beta 3 release is quite good and new releases will follow as soon as a stable, tested version is available.

Posted by Markus Koller 2009-03-12