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On 14.03.2014 11:03, Roger Bilau wrote:

Hello Rony,

because there are always problems with the values ​​during insert and update if the values include quotation marks (inverted commas)

I would like to use prepared statements and try to translate the sample TbSel.java (from the db2 samples) 

Something like statement = con~prepareStatement(“INSERT INTO test (name, place) VALUE(:name, :place)”)

seems to work, but for

statement ~ setJccStringName(“name”, name)

I got an errorcode=-4461

What does this errorcode mean?

Would you please provide me a working sample? Which additional classes are necessary to import?

Well I do not have db2 therefore I would need a little bit more information.

E.g. if it is a datatype binding error, then the value of "name" would be interesting.

Usually, if there are any datatype binding errors you could always use the box()-function to explicitly turn a Rexx value into an explicit Java type and then use the boxed value as argument. Cf. the reference card that is coming along with BSF4ooRexx as a pdf file.

If you can work it out on your own, please let me know what the error was or how you were ablet to fix it (such that I can be of better help in the future for people experiencing the same phenomenon as you do), o.k.?

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