Hi there,

did create the GA version of BSF4ooRexx and have tried to upload it to sourceforge to no avail. The upload seems to work, but at the end a red popup informs about a failure on upload, without hinting at any reason. So after attempting for 10 hrs I put that version to: <http://wi.wu.ac.at/rgf/rexx/bsf4oorexx/tmp.20120616/>.

Will try to upload it to Sourceforge, planned home <https://sourceforge.net/projects/bsf4oorexx/files/GA/BSF4ooRexx-410.20120618-GA/>.

There will be a need to create GUI installers off it, so I would like to ask volunteers for:

and very important:

As I am leaving for a conference and we are at the end of our summer semester, everything has become really very, very crazy for me.

So I would like to request from the MacOSX-savvy ;) developers (Bruce, Jean-Louis, maybe others?) to create such a version of BSF4ooRexx 410.20120618, such that that group does not have to wait too long for an appropriate version with all bells and whistles on it!