#2 Replace ASF BSF 2.4 with the upcoming 2.5

Next Release

The Apache Software Foundation Bean Scripting Framework (ASF BSF) 2.4 is part of BSF4ooRexx which contains enhancements that currently have been backported to ASF and will yield a new distribution named BSF 2.5.

BSF 2.5 will incorporate a few RFEs (for other scripting languages). One improvement that I have been contemplating all along is to create adapters that allow BSF 2.5 scriping languages to be used for JSR-223. This way BSF 2.5 would stay backwardly compatible with BSF 2.x and no programs need to be changed, while allowing the scripting engines to be used via "javax.script" that got introduced with Java 1.6/6.

Whatever the outcome, BSF4ooRexx should replace its customized BSF 2.4 with BSF 2.5, once BSF 2.5 becomes ready.

P.S.: ASF BSF was moved from the (now disfunct) ASF Jakarta project to the ASF Commons project, cf. its new home at: <http://commons.apache.org/bsf/index.html>.


  • Rony G. Flatscher

    Just a comment: version BSF 2.5 is actually included in BSF4ooRexx. There is yet a distribution package for 2.5 to be done (I am an Apache committer and still intend to produce such a package).

  • Rony G. Flatscher

    • status: open --> pending

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