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BSCBrowser 1.7 Released!

This release does not add much new features.
The only big feature is right now you can setup map path in case the source code paths in bsc file are different from ones in your current file system

Posted by Oliver Zhou 2009-01-11

BSCBrowser 1.6 released!

version 1.6
*drag and drop bsc file from Windows Explorer
*New Panel: Project Explorer which can list all project files in the form of directory tree
*Find Command can support search backward
*Bug fix

Posted by Oliver Zhou 2007-11-18

BSCBrowser 1.5 released!

New features:
*Enhanced tooltip:
member list view is able to show original full symbol signature via Tooltip
Reference browser is able to show 10 lines context source code via Tooltip
*Project module files navigation
*Advanced bookmark management (navigation and serilization)
*Fast Find in Files (support filter by project directory)

Posted by Oliver Zhou 2007-10-31