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New RAR plugin

Currently we are working on an own RAR plugin, which do not need an unrar.dll.
We think of more speed and an easier client setup.
But this all will take some weeks...

Posted by thespecialist 2009-04-24

BruteForcer v 0.9 Released

What's new:
- A major speed improvement in the Wordlist 2 and 3 modes!

- Fixed a bug that crashes the client if more than 4 cpus are found.

- The RAR plugin v 2 is now official. It seems pretty stable to me but
if you have any problems with it you can always use the old version.

- The appearance of the server now is customizable and it can force
disconnect certain client or all at once.

Posted by Misho Ivanov 2009-02-12

BruteForcer v 0.8.1 Released

In this minor update i changed the way the speed is measured. Now the
speed is averaged from all the combinations, tested so far. This way
the speed will not jump all over the place in wordlist mode.

Also added an option to force the number of threads, that the client
will use (within the range that is supported by the plugin). You
can do this by starting the client with /tX commandline, X is the
number of threads that you want to use.... read more

Posted by Misho Ivanov 2009-02-04

BruteForcer v 0.8 Released

The wordlist attack level 3 is finally done and it works quite nice.
Considering almost all the passwords contain some words inside
(otherwise they will be impossible to remember) this mode is a very
good speed improvement - in skips all the passwords that don't mean
anything and have a very good chance of finding the right password.
I suggest you use it always. Anyway the speed of the plugin is still
the main issue and bottleneck of this software, i hope i will be
able to release faster plugin.

Posted by Misho Ivanov 2008-11-10

BruteForcer v 0.7 Released

With this version i introduce the wordlist attack. Basically when this
is enabled, BruteForcer tries to determine if the current combination
of symbols means something, and if it doesn't mean anything then it
skips it. This method uses a wordlist - a list of all the words in
a certain language. I have provided an English wordlist with more than
200 000 words. It is easy to create wordlists for other languages from
free spellcheck databases.... read more

Posted by Misho Ivanov 2008-10-31

BruteForcer web site is online.

Finally i had a little time to make a site for this project.

Posted by Misho Ivanov 2008-10-24

21.10.2008 - BruteForcer v 0.6 Released

Finally a big improvement to the segmentation system!

Let's say that the length of our dictionary is N.
Until now the maximum supported number of processors,
that can work together was also N. But with the new
segmentation system BruteForcer theoretically can
support N*N processors, working together!
(but never been tested with more than 4 :).

So theoretically if you connect 1000 CPUs you should
finally be able to break a real password in a
reasonable amount of time.

Posted by Misho Ivanov 2008-10-21