this project dead?

  • hybrid

    hybrid - 2007-12-23

    Hi, I was just wondering if I was expecting too much when I was hoping to get a reply on my post in the 'brutalchess --pieces=quake'-thread or if that is because this project is dead. The posting I'm referring to was made well over 4 months ago.


    • Joe Flint

      Joe Flint - 2008-01-30

      Polycount's Quake3 site is still down. Doesn't look it will be coming back up anytime soon.

      Pieces = quake was something that was never intended for public use. The models we were using were simply there for test purposes while we were working on the loader.

      That said, this project hasn't been worked on in a long time. If you want to do something with it, you can. It is GPL after all - and that's the point.


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