Keyboard movements and other suggestions

  • Henrik Andersson

    Keyboard Movements
    Would be nice to play the game with keyboard,
    then we could map the movements using lirc and ir remotes. (nice if a HTPC is used such in my case)


    Player selection, circulate thru the players on board (current is highlighted checker or maybe and animation depending on character) using the left and right arrow, then space is used to entering movement state.

    Movement states, all possible movement with the selected character is breifly highlighted (brighter colors on the checkers) so the player can see it's movement options, using the left,right key to circulate the movement options and then space to perform the movement.

    This will give the chess game more dynamic, as the characters could be change and the movement rules could be modified for a diffret type of playsets, for an example, a playset is models,animations,and movement rules, then the game could be extended with different types of sets, Normal Chess, Fanatasy Chess, Ghost Chess..

    Make the movement rulesset as an external dat file and an editor, other 3d parties can make some chess sets and the game will expand..

    Ill hope this game evaluates to an Archon clone with lots of GL effect and sounds :).

    • Joe Flint

      Joe Flint - 2006-05-29

      Playing the game with the keyboard is an interesting idea, definitely something we could look into. What HTPC software are you using? Freevo? MythTV?

      As for other types of chess, right now we want the chess engine to be focused on classic chess, so it can be as fast as possible.

      We do have the capability for additional sets of pieces and board designs to be loaded now, something which we didn't support in the last release.


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