Buffer saving, UI updates

Version 2.0.7 04/01/2009
Buffer Management
*Added capability to automatically save the capture buffers and load them
from $HOME/.BRP_PACU/buff_store at startup if it exists
*Added Open, Save, and Save-As dialogs, functionality to store buffers
for later usage/reference
*Added functionality for opening data files by double-clicking or dragging
into the application icon (Mac only)
*Put more user friendly name onto Transfer Function Button (formerly
*Changed Buffer names to not start at 0, but 1, updated accelerators
*Removed menu pictures because they hid the accelerator shortcut help in
the menus for some reason
Keyboard Accelerators
*Thanks to Andreas for fixing the Mac key accelerators and suggesting the
use of Control keys instead of Alt keys
Minor Memory Leaks
*Destroy widgets on exit only if left open
Premature Memory Deallocation errors
* Made colors global variables in gui.c
* Made several widgets global variables
Fix Jack callback stability by improving threadlock handling
*Removed threadlocking around gui_idle_func (Gui Idle function) which keeps jack audio thread from updating buffers
*This improves jack performance (XRuns) by preventing Jack audio buffer callback from being locked out for long periods during a gui callback
*This is done by only copying critical memory areas during the thread lockout, rather than trying to update the whole gui and not make a copy, which was easier to do but not clean

Posted by electronjunkie 2009-04-08

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