bbq0.5.9 adds regular expression matching, other features

I'm pleased to announce the release of Browse-by-Query for Java version 0.5.9.

Highlights of this release include the addition of regular expression matching to the query language, and a new view in the Eclipse version that lists your custom saved expressions.

The manual has been enhanced with new examples; more usage examples for the language elements will be coming.

Looking at the manual will show that Browse-by-Query for the Common Intermediate Language is on its way. This will bring the capabilities of Browse-by-Query to C# and other languages supported by Mono and .Net. Look for more news on the initial release of BBQ-IL soon.


Language changes:

Regular expression matching has been added to the language. There
are three regular expression operators: ~, ~=, and substitute().
See the language manual for details.

Slash-quoted strings have been added to the language for convenience
in composing regular expressions.

User interface changes:

In standalone and open tool, the window showing saved expressions now is
a table listing the expression type and contents as well as the name of the

In the eclipse plug-in, there is a new view available showing the table
of saved expressions.

Display of method arguments and types has been made easier to read.

Other changes:

Fix bug where it cleared saved expressions and imports when clearing the database

Lots of refactoring to support the (imminent) releases of bbqil, Browse-by-Query
for CLR (.Net, mono). This will pave the way for the 0.6.0 java release,
which will feature much better performance on large databases.

Update manual to describe the new functionality, and also to add more examples,
particularly in the reference section.

Posted by Michael MacDonald 2007-11-26

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