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This is an interesting idea. Browse-by-Query (the standalone version) include a simple (rudimentary, undocumented) command line interface.

You can start it with the following command:

java -cp bbqstandalone_0.5.4.jar com.antlersoft.analyzer.TestQuery sample.pj

Where sample.pj is a BBQ database directory, built with one of the other tools.

You enter queries at the prompt, and they are executed immediately and the results printed.

There is also a command-line tool for adding classes to a database:

java -cp bbqstandalone_0.5.4.jar com.antlersoft.analyzer.TestQuery <file>

Where <file> can be a .class file, a .jar (all contained class files and jars will be added to the database), or a directory (which is traversed and all contained class files or jars are added to the database).

I must admit that I'm not familiar with what would be required for BBQ to work nicely as an ant task.