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BrotherJonathan: +Help -Zend

This new release now has documentation, and most of the application works well.

The Zend Framework has been completely removed, and BrotherJonathan is a standalone PHP+AJAX application now.

Posted by Jared Daniel J. Smith 2008-07-18

After more than a year, BrotherJonathan has new release!

We were trying to build an application and a framework, noble in attempt, but failing at both. So, we in the past few months, we migrated the application onto the new Zend Framework, and things are looking good again. All we have at the present are the Views, but coding is much easier than before.

The good news is that all framework issues are now handled by the Zend structure, and other PHP developers can more easily join, not having to learn a whole new cryptic structure that was loaded with too much enigmatic pre-Ajax JavaScript.... read more

Posted by Jared Daniel J. Smith 2006-05-19

BrotherJonathan on Zend Framework

Working very hard the past few weeks to migrate all code over to the Zend Framework. Within a few days, there will be a new release, the first in quite a long time. The project had stalled because it simply needed a framework, and now we have one.

Also looking at TurboWidgets for the front end.

Posted by Jared Daniel J. Smith 2006-05-18

Screenshots added

Because the demo page requires a PHP5 server, and is therefore not working, I have added screenshots.. click on the screenshots link on the sourceforge summary page.

Posted by Jared Daniel J. Smith 2005-03-08

Version 0.9.0 Released

This new version is nearly done, programmatically. Ten of eleven modules are completed. The demo is impressive.

There remains a lot of testing, and the accounting module is still weak, but it's all here for the first time.

Documentation and then making it easy to customize are the next two big pushes. Hopefully by early summer 2005, we will have a complete 1.0 release, with installer, screenshots, documentation, and a way to customize these pages to your own needs.... read more

Posted by Jared Daniel J. Smith 2005-03-08

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