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FCL generator released

The FCL perl script has been released for use. Feel free to test it out and feed back comments to me.

Posted by Franklin Meng 2002-09-19

Fax Script

Just wanted to update everyone on the status of the project. The fax FCL script generator has pretty much been completed. I will release it soon when I put some finishing touches on it. I will also release some documentation along with it too explaining various aspects about the FCL language and the perl script.



Posted by Franklin Meng 2002-09-13

USB driver stat

Just wanted to say that I am working on a USB driver for the scanner function. My driver is currently a hack of the scanner driver that has already been included in the kernel. Currently all I get are some neat seg faults. hopfully in the next few weeks, I will have something better.


Posted by Franklin Meng 2002-05-08

Fax Language

The fax language has been somewhat decoded. I still need to work on figuring out what the data scheme is. Check it out in the Forums Open Disucussion area.

Posted by Franklin Meng 2002-03-20

Updated Status

The project is being revived. At least I have interest in getting things to work. Anyways, I hope to have a web page and some information about the communication protocol posted in the next few weeks.


Posted by Franklin Meng 2002-03-12

Status Report

First to answer the most FAQ: Brother MFC 4600 (and a few others) is supported by ghostscript hl7x0 driver. Other MFC devices may be supported by PCL or PS drivers.
The goal of the project is to provide support for scanner, fax and other goodies. If all you want is to print then you don't need this.

The project is not actively developed due to the lack of interest. I've got scanner and fax working but it is nowhere near production quality.
If you need more info send me an e-mail.... read more

Posted by Dmitri K 2002-03-07

Progress report

Just want to say that the project is still alive:)

I've got some preliminary results, I've managed
to send and receive faxes using MFC 4600 and
efax and I've got some pictures from the scanner.
I'll put some info on this page as soon as I can. Meanwhile please contact me directly.

dmitrik at

Posted by Dmitri K 2001-10-30