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Eur van Andel


Bronkflow is a Python API and some sample programs to control Bronkhorst flow controllers, see: http://www.bronkhorst.com/en/products/gas_flow_meters_and_controllers.

The control is via a standard serial port at 38400 baud, this works fine via an USB-to-serial converter. The male 9-pin port on the flow controllers is NOT compatible with a standard PC serial port, documentation and a serial conversion PCB layout is provided to connect these with standard 9-wire straight-through serial cables.

The API and the sample programs read the 6 possible gas flow settings and can set and read the flow in the programmed unit. To adjust these flow settings, adittional software is needed, like FlowTune which is often provided on CD with these mass flow controllers.

This software is an open-source replacement for FlowDDE, FlowView and FlowPlot with custom display and logging options.