#68 WIndows VISTA and BRL-CAD

release 7.8

Hi, I am total newby! I have downloaded lates greates from BRL-CAD, and installed on a Windows VISTA System.
I can see my 3 icons on the desk. When I doubble click the mged icon, mged opens a DOS window MGED intitzle bar, then MGED 7.18.0 Command Window (id0) then it opens MGED 7.18.0 (id_0) and then Error Message Box Titeled Microsoft Widnows "mged.exe has stopped working A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program." Two buttons are offered "Close the programm" "Debug the program" --- End of Show ---- Where is the error log? What did I miss installing the .msi ? Josef.Stadelmam@axa-winterthur.ch


  • Josef Stadelmann

    Just found my typo error: Josef.Stadelmann@axa-winterthur.ch is better ...

  • Josef Stadelmann

    As nobody seems to be able to answer to a BRL-CAD newby this question, I can say it for sure now, why I have this problem others may have as well: Because this latest greates kit on windows was not built on a machine with X11 or tcl/tk avail. Since a few days I am trying to build BRL-CAD from sources and since 2 days I know that OpenGL is part of each Windows System (but only as an old non Microsoft supported version, So MS Windows user have a hard live. Getting Cygwin down was a nog go for sh autogen.sh, but Mingw was able to do the job; now I am still seeking a valuable X11 developers kit to install on my VISTA machine and have thinks like #include <X11/xlib.h> work when it comes to compile.

    Question: wheich product shall I take to fill the gap on my VISTA machin for X11 and which product shall i downlaod to get tcl/tk tooklitks established to a degree that ./config gets X11 and tcl/tk and that make runs afterward.

    Josef - hopes for a helpful answer

  • Josef Stadelmann

    Today I found potentially my error. It is said now by sourceforg that 7.18.0 does not run on windows. I run it on windows 2000 perfect. The issue is that one has to start MinGW XWin Server first to se a GUI. It migth also be because I downlaoded all modules of Cygwin meanwhile to start developing. One or the orther migth be the cause which has lead to the reported behaviour. BUT TODAY on my Windows 2000 machine runing XWin Server. I have a nice GUI.

    So there is only one more issue: How can I build it.
    Cygwin's sh autogen.sh does not run ! it reports errors starting at line 80
    MinGS MSYS sh autogen.sh runs perfect, but creates a file where the version number is given like
    definitly not SH commands

    Then ./configure of MinGW does not find the hedaer and librarries and hence tells that it is gona building without a GUI.

    If one can provide a fix for the Cygwin SH problem not understanding autogen.sh delivered in the trunk, that would be fine;

    I can garantee that Cygwin autogen.sh for axis2 runs perfect.

    What is the best setup to have this shel run under MinGW / MSYS but find all the header and library files required to build a BRL-CAD for Windows?



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