#6 "make benchmark" error

release 7.6

Trying to compile and build on a 32-bit Linux. I
run "make benchmark", which runs with a total elapsed
time of 8:39. Then I get

./bench/perf.sh: ./bench/perf.sh: Input/output error
The following files have been generated or modified:
summary...performance results summary, 2 lines per run
make: *** [benchmark] Error 126


  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2006-01-19

    Logged In: YES

    Input/output errors generally are tied to factors completely outside of our
    control such as faulty/failing hardware controllers, unresponsive NFS
    volumes, stalled kernels, and other similar issues. The benchmark runs a
    perf.sh script at the end of the benchmark run to tally up and compute the
    results. You can run the perf.sh script manually if it got that far into the
    benchmark by just invoking the script: sh bench/perf.sh

    If you can reliably get the I/O error on perf.sh, I would lean towards
    filesystem corruption and would recommend an fsck as soon as possible.

    As a compatibility side-note in case you go looking, the perf.sh script no
    longer exists in the current version of BRL-CAD (7.6.4 included the
    refactoring, if I recall correctly) as it was engulfed into the primary application
    for the benchmark suite.

  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2006-01-19
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    previously set to a Pending status, and the original submitter
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    the administrator of this Tracker).

  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2006-02-05
    • labels: 621315 --> Benchmark & Performance
  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2006-02-05

    Logged In: YES

    It's presumed that this was indeed a filesystem issue. If you continue to have
    this issue with a future version of BRL-CAD, please submit another bug report.


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