#17 raytracing problem

release 7.8

I am a new user who recently installed 7.8.0 operating under Windows. I am using the "VolumeII-Introduction_to_MGED.pdf file. All went well until Lesson 4, "5. Raytracing Your Model". All choices in the Framebuffer menu are grey, nothing can be selected. If Raytrace is selected the raytrace in NOT draw in the Graphic Window, but in a separate window with no menus. I want to use this program for a design project in engineering. Please advise.


  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2007-06-29

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    That is a known issue with the initial Windows port of BRL-CAD whereby it will not render directly into the graphics window, and that should be fixed in a future release of BRL-CAD for Windows but to date has been low priority to address. It's worth noting that functionally, you still have all of the various options available to you that 'rt' provides including the ability to render images to files, different sizes, different render modes, etc. The Raytrace Control Panel is simply a wrapper over invoking 'rt'. For example, on the mged command line, you should be able to run the following command to render into a larger window using a blue background: rt -C0/0/100 -s900 -F/dev/ogll

    Again, this discrepancy on the Windows platform will be fixed down the road so keep an eye out for update announcements. You can also subscribe to the windows file release tracker to be notified if/when a new release is made should you so desire.

  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2007-06-29
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  • David Loman

    David Loman - 2007-08-07

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    Those features of the raytracer are not yet implimented in the windows version yet. Having the Raytrace show up in a separate window is the only choice if you are using windows.

    You might want to check out VMware and make a simple Linux Virtual Machine so you can run the Linux version of BRL-CAD. Just a thought.

  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2007-10-12
    • status: open-later --> closed-later

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