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GSoC 2012 Proposal Submissions

Once again participating in the Google Summer of Code [1], students interested in working on BRL-CAD this summer have been diligently preparing and posting proposals over the past couple weeks. In all, we ended up with about 50 submissions by the deadline with about three dozen or so being considered valid proposals that will go through our review process.

This year, code cleanup seems to be the most popular theme along with a wide range of interest in NURBS, object mathematics, website services, and more. The overall quality seems to be fantastic this year with many students electing to showcase their proposal on the BRL-CAD Wiki with diagrams, prototypes, and patches demonstrating concepts and abilities. Awesome.

On another positive note, students have at LEAST a 5% chance of being accepted simply by applying to BRL-CAD, which is far greater than one has applying to some other open source organizations. Depending on how our proposal reviews and slot allocations proceed, we hope to increase those odds easily into the 15-30% range or better.

Until selections are finalized, our mentors will continue to work with students on their patches [2] and will be posing comments, questions, and holding interviews over the next two weeks. A big thanks goes out to all of our student applicants! It'll be very hard to narrow down on just a few students to work with this summer but we hope all are inspired to contribute to open source source software and thank everyone for their interest in BRL-CAD!


Posted by Sean Morrison 2012-04-09

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