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On Dec 06, 2012, at 03:12 AM, kEsHa sHaH <kesha.sha=> wrote:


I am B.Tech= Second Year Student and proficient in C language. I am interested in one = of the code-re-factoring projects "General Tree Walker' . Can someone guid= e me regarding where do I get the source code and from where do I start..?=  

Thank You in advance.

Kesha Shah.
Hi Kesha,

Apologies on the delay responding. &n= bsp;Most of that information is readily available on our website where you= found the General Tree Walker task so I'm a little surprised by the quest= ion.  See for help obtaining and com= piling the source code.  The tree walker references are mentioned if = you select the project title: ker

Feel free to join us on our IRC channel for i= nteractive discussion or ask more questions here on the mailing list.


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