Hii Sean,

On Mon, Sep 30, 2013 at 9:36 AM, Christopher Sean Morrison <brlcad@mac.com> wrote:
It's a fantastic start to a big project.  Thank you for all your efforts and hope you keep going strong!

I work to full fill our requirements of supporting different image formats.
Alternatively, you could try something that pushes the limits of the representation and API, e.g., leveraging OpenEXR as an import/export format and exposing it through exr-pix and pix-exr converters.
I think I should prioritize this after the polishing required. Could you give me the pointers on to how to incorporate this in BRL-CAD's code source ?
Strongly suggest polishing what you have, though.  I can probably be more specific if you don't know where to begin.
Sure your pointers will help me in working in a direction rather than wandering.

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