Remember, because I'm currently on a business trip I can start on Friday only.


Am 27.11.2012 18:31 schrieb "Christopher Sean Morrison" <>:

The GCI completions are starting to roll in so it's time to start reviewing completed tasks.  Our mentors are Matt, Erik, Harmanpreet, H.S. Rai, Andrei, Daniel, and myself.  We can stick to ad-hoc, but it may be better to assign days of the week in round-robin order so nobody burns out:

Mon: Daniel, Sean
Tue: Matt, Erik
Wed: Harmanpreet, Rai
Thu: Andrei, Daniel
Fri: Sean, Matt
Sat: Erik, Harmanpreet
Sun: Rai, Andrei

The way that works is anyone can comment/review at any time (like we've been doing), but those assigned are responsible for ensuring ALL tasks awaiting review either get accepted (i.e., committed) or kicked back to the student (as needing work).  Do remember to commit and document (AUTHORS and NEWS if publicly visible) as they are accepted so we don't end up with a huge backlog.

You can review before you go to bed, leave work, get home, whatever schedule of the day works.  It shouldn't matter as long as you take the time to clear out any pending and are consistent.  Most take only a minute to review and another to commit or comment.  The caliber of social interaction with these students is much higher than I expected.

Here's what's currently pending review with the oldest listed first:

Move comments from source to header files ... move LIBRT comments for files beginning with 'a-c' and 'e-o'
Move comments from source to header files ... move LIBBN comments

and completed:

Write solicitation for new website designer - Harmanpreet
Separate LIBNURBS files into one class per file - Sean
Model an "L" using BRL-CAD - Harmanpreet
Model new BRL-CAD Logo using BRL-CAD - Sean

Devinder Kaur, I saw your request but don't know who you are.  If you are on this mailing list, please introduce yourself.


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