I am trying to speed up export of a region to stl format, and I noticed in g-stl.c that there is a hard-coded ncpu=1 [1].  Does changing this to 2 or 4 speed up the stl conversion (if there are 2 or 4 cores available)? 

It looks like there is a command line option to set ncpu [2], but lower down in the code it is hard-coded to 1 [3]. 

[1] http://brlcad.org/xref/source/src/conv/stl/g-stl.c#L59
[2] http://brlcad.org/xref/source/src/conv/stl/g-stl.c#L357
[3] http://brlcad.org/xref/source/src/conv/stl/g-stl.c#L458

I did not find anything in the documentation about what (if any) the effect of the P option was for this utility.  Thanks for any helpful hints or pointers. 

Joshua Stults
Website: variousconsequences.com
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