I have setup production environment on one of the servers provided by Dr. Rai, but have been unable to replicate things on the BRL-CAD server. To server Python(Django) applications via Apache, a module named mod_wsgi is required to be installed on the server. Installation instructions for FreeBSD are mentioned in this doc:http://code.google.com/p/modwsgi/wiki/InstallationOnFreeBSD. Some aliases need to be set up then after this.

A couple of design questions:
 - What should the homepage design comprise of? 
 - What should be used as BRL-CAD logo? I have been using the logo at http://beta.brlcad.org/wp/ until now.

Another issue at hand is archiving of log files after they have been populated in the database. I remember Sean mentioning the files should be archived in a way that enables easy searches for them. Right now, I just dump them into a folder which is clearly not ideal. Any inputs regarding this would be helpful. Also, would be great if I can be provided previous logs so that I have a decent sample to showcase aggregate analytics.

How should the user accounts be handled? Should the Benchmark project have separate user accounts? There were discussions on supporting different OAuth providers, but it didn't reach any conclusions. Should they incorporated as well?

Ankesh Anand 
Undergrad,Mathematics and Computing at
Indian Institute of Technology,Kharagpur