I would like to calculate the center of gravity and moments of inertia of a combination object. The sequence of MGED commands I use are as follows:
opendb intersect.g y
make hex.s arb8
make seg.s tgc
attr set hex.s GIFTmater 2
attr set seg.s GIFTmater 2
comb int.c u seg.s + hex.s
gqa -Am -f density_table hex.s
I use the density_table file:
0 10.0 dummy0
2 10.0 dummy2
3 10.0 dummy3
I get the following when I run the gqa command:
bad LOS (0) on /int.c/seg.s
bad LOS (0) on /int.c/seg.s
 int.c        0 grams
  Average total weight: 0 grams
Seems like I am totally failing in setting the density. I tried to follow the directions in the man page for the gqa command. Thanks for your help.