I am a third year (6th semester) Computer Science and Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering) student of PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India. I am interested in the project "General Tree walker" under code refactoring projects as well as "Benchmark performance database" and "Materials database" projects under web development projects, as mentioned in the ideas list of BRL-CAD for GSoC 2011. I’m not sure what knowledge base I should have to apply for these projects.
  I have designed a "Student-Faculty forum" and an "Automated Attendance and GPA system" both web services using Django webframework based on Python. Also, I have studied Database Management Systems. I also have experience working on basic shell scripting and have pretty good experience working on UNIX/Linux. As for the "General Tree Walker" project I have good experience working with C. I would like to have some more details as to what exactly I have to do for a start and what are the expected objectives of these projects.
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PS : I'm not sure if this is the correct mailing list for GSoC related queries. Kindly direct me to the correct mailing list if it is not.