After modifying the "concat" command, I began updating the related documentation. After a little searching, I found these files containing documentation for the "concat" command:

  1. The "in code" documentation (concat.c)
  2. The mged html manual (mged_cmd_index.html)
  3. The mged command help (helplib.tcl)
  4. Ged.tcl
  5. Db.tcl
    I know the first three are being used. Are #4 and #5 still in use? I only did a cursory search, so I am not at all confident that I found them all. Are there other files documenting the "concat" command?

    Perhaps we should think about some way to consolidate some of these files. Files #3, #4, and #5, all have essentially identical documentation for the "concat" command (and probably for many other commands). Does anyone out there know why we have these three separate files? Any ideas on how we might consolidate #3,4,5?