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The Advanced Joint Effectiveness Model (AJEM) [1] development tea= m recently announced the availability of a new AJEM release.  As BRL-= CAD is incorporated as an integral part of AJEM, a brief overview is inclu= ded below.

AJEM is a lethality, vulnerability, and endgame computer= simulation code capable of analyzing various types of threats against air= craft and ground targets.  It combines elements of threat modeling, t= arget modeling, encounter kinematics, generation of weapon burst points, p= ropagation of damage (penetration, fire, blast, etc.), evaluating system r= elationships (functionality, redundancies, etc.), and evaluating remaining= capability or loss of function.  Supported by JTCG/ME [2], JASPO [3= ], and others, AJEM is the U.S. Department of Defense standard computer si= mulation suite for performing verified and validated trauma, survivability= , lethality, vulnerability, and signature prediction analyses.

BRL-= CAD is bundled into the AJEM suite and called upon by various analysis and= simulation codes in order to provide a robust geometric representation, f= ast geometric interrogation, and highly-detailed geometry evaluation. = ; By using BRL-CAD, the analysis codes have absolutely no license costs, r= ecurring or otherwise, and completely uninhibited use [4].  Moreover,= analysis developers gain protection against CAD industry corporate restru= cturing, capitalize on decades of (prior and ongoing) development activity= , have unlimited extensibility potential, and do not have to rely upon any= particular commercial vendor's product vitality or development priorities=   It's a big win and savings all around.

A separation of resp= onsibilities allows simulation and analysis developers to focus on their n= eeds knowing that BRL-CAD's solid geometry engine is managing data efficie= ntly and correctly.  It's thanks to efforts like AJEM, their develop= ers, and their sponsors that BRL-CAD can concentrate development on prov= iding robust high-performance geometry services.  While AJEM distribu= tion is limited to authorized recipients due to the nature of the analysis= codes involved, their development and integration methodology is a testam= ent to efficient reuse, on-going development recapitalization, and collabo= ration.  See the AJEM site [1] for more details.

Se= an

[2] Joint Technical Coordinati= ng Group for Munitions Effectiveness
[3] Joint Aircraft Surv= ivability Program Office
[4] BRL-CAD is free open source software!
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