You have just run into a limitation of MUVES/AJEM.  Alas, you’re going to have to fix the problem in BRL-CAD.  Here’s the short of it.


For each item which was multiply used, you are going to turn the “shared” region into a combination.  Use the combination editor, and un-check the “Region” button.


Now you need to go to each place where that item was used and do the reverse:  Find the combination that included the object, (and only that object) and open the combination in the combination editor, and check the “Region” button.


If the regions were unioned with a bunch of other stuff, you will have to create one with the transformation so that you can have a single region of the object in the instanced location.


If this was as clear as mud, call me.




From: [] On Behalf Of Cook, Kathy
Sent: Tuesday, December 20, 2005 11:05 AM
Subject: [Brlcad-users] Working with multiple instances of single solid/region


I have a geometry that I converted from Pro/E with the proe-brl convert to make and .asc file and the asc2g to create the brlcad model.  In Pro/E, the model was created with multiple instances of the same part with in a sub assembly just in different locations. Also there are mid level assemblies made up of sub-assemblies, and these mid-level assemblies are instanced at several locations in higher level assemblies.

The converter takes each part and creates a solid, then a region with an id assigned.  There is only one of these created even though there are many really in the model.  Then these regions are put into combinations with different transforms, but still have only one region name and id.  Also the single sub-assembly combination is used with different transforms in higher level combinations.

My quandry is that since this is for a vulnerability analysis I need to differeniate which component was damaged and which individual subsystem it was part of (left vs right).  When I try to edit the model in mged I can only select a single one of the multiple entities with the primitive selection menu (when I select matrix selection, the primitive selection menu comes up instead, version 7.6.2).

I am not sure what is the best way to get individual components that I can track and edit. Should I try to edit the .asc file with a text editor instead of the .g file?  And if so I am not sure where to start duplications and renaming/renumbering solids, regions, combinations?  Any suggestions?  This is a 500+ component geometry. 

What is best practice?

Kathy Cook