#99 g_qa gui (overlap tool)

Major Effort
Modeling (16)

Create g_qa gui with buttons for current options: weight, volume, overlaps, exposed air, gaps/voids, and adjacent air. Add buttons for view/edit density data and import density data.
Ideas for default density data. 1) Current MUVES S2 list. 2) Numbers from 1 - 100 all with material type 1 LOS 100. No more requirement for .density or importing an _DENSITIES object.
Ideas for working with overlaping regions. 1) Create a gui page with of buttons, one button for each region pair. When the button is pressed the overlapping regions are displayed (either 'e' or 'B') with an options to toggle the display of the overlapping plot lines and identify overlapping primitives (preferrably evaluated).
The data would have to be stored in the database with the capability to remove buttons as they are completed and add more buttons with subsequent overlap checks. Ideally, a user could transfer the file (singular) from one machine to another and pick right back up without having to transfer an entire directory.
There is still the issue of allowing an arbitrary or user specified non-orthogonal view.
Can plot data be used to create a bot of the overlapping volume which could be used to more efficiently fix overlaps?