Update to rtg3 and burst needed

  • Bob Anderson

    Bob Anderson - 2008-03-11

    Due to the increased complexity of BRL-CAD models being used in vulnerability/survivability analyses, there is a need to expand component id numbers beyond 4 digits (10000-99999). I know BRL-CAD can have id numbers in this range, but the shotline utilities (rtg3 and burst) can not. I ran across this problem recently when working on a large target model. Are there others in the community that have experienced this issue? Is someone willing to tackle this for the next release of BRL-CAD (or a patch to the current version)? If and when this occurs, vulnerability codes such as COVART will also need to be updated to read the new format.

    • Sean Morrison

      Sean Morrison - 2008-09-17


      I believe I answered this topic somewhere else, but just in case.. this really sounds like a feature request and limitation of COVART.  There is no 4 digit limit within BRL-CAD on region IDs.  At least with the v5 database format that we've been using for the past 10 years doesn't have any limit.  The v4 file format may have had a limit of roughly 32k.

      I suspect given the topic, the limit is in the output formats being used by rtg3 and burst, which write out COVART/FASTGEN data files.  They define that format, not us, so any limitation in their format would have to be addressed on their end and then we could update our tools.  Otherwise, we'd just be writing out invalid inputs.  That said, it's nothing hard at all on our end to change the output format.



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