CUBIT's Common Geometry Module under the LGPL

  • Pedro F. Giffuni

    I have no hint on how this could be integrated to BRLCAD but the website does look interesting:
    "One of CUBIT's strengths is its ability to import and mesh geometry from a variety of CAD packages. The CGM component currently integrates ACIS and Pro/E geometry kernels directly within its code base, allowing direct manipulation of the native CAD geometry format within CUBIT. This reduces the errors and anomalies so often associated with geometry translation. CGM also boasts a facet-based geometry kernel developed at Sandia that can be used for remeshing or editing old mesh files or models defined by triangle facets. In addition, CUBIT has developed a comprehensive virtual geometry capability that permits local composites and partitions to geometry without modifying the underlying native geometry representation. This permits the user to ignore, clean-up or add features to the model allowing greater flexibility to meshing algorithms to generate better quality elements. Making CGM available as a third party library has allowed several applications at the laboratories access to its extensive suite of geometry operations. Work is ongoing to make CGM more accessible to users through a simplified Application Programmer's Interface (API)"



    • Sean Morrison

      Sean Morrison - 2005-10-19


      I've talked to the CUBIT folks on a couple occasions about integration.  There is definitely potential there for someone to build up a bridge or integration between the two.  BRL-CAD could definitely benefit from some of their meshing capabilities in Cubit.  CGM and Cubit could in turn benefit from BRL-CAD's more extensive geometric representation support, conversion tools, as well as our basic solid modeling facilities.

      It would be great for someone to start the integration by simply adding BRL-CAD geometry support to CGM so that BRL-CAD models could seamlessly be used in Cubit.  BRL-CAD could even serve as a default geometry format in CGM, decoupling them from the proprietary ACIS and Pro/E geometry kernels.  Regardless, thanks for bringing up the idea publicly.. :-)


    • Pedro F. Giffuni


      I've checked the documentation, and IMHO while Integrating BRLCAD might be possible,CGM pretty much depends on BREP. I think they might have a better chance using OpenCascade

      Of course they could try both ;-).



      • Sean Morrison

        Sean Morrison - 2006-08-19

        It is possible to integrate BRL-CAD with CGM and is experimental work currently under development with their group.  I think it's a great effort because if anything, it can help develop the BREP facilities in BRL-CAD (they do exist and are fairly extensive, they are just not preferred and in some cases exposed to users).

        On the other hand, there's very little in the CGM API that makes them reliant upon BREP that couldn't be changed to be more supportive of implicit and explicit geometries as well.  Regardless, making the connection with Cubit would still be desired even through an explicit conversion process so that BRL-CAD models could easily be brought in to Cubit and processed for FEA.


    • Pedro F. Giffuni

      OK, I see.. Good to know. They did mention they didn't depend on BREP in the documentation but that´s difficult to believe since they still depend on the ACIS kernel.

      Of topic: unfortunately the nice things from Sandia are not really opensource, and meanwhile there are some very nice developments outside that can't be ignored. I wrote an article about some of them, I'll see if I make the article publicly available afterwards.


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