• shockzor

    shockzor - 2006-05-26

    Now first you have to download a .zip file, then uncompress it, then there is 5 files and you have to run setup.exe (when there are other files such as .msi in the directory).

    I think it would be better to use the NSIS installer than a propiertary installer. With NSIS it would just be one file, no need to uncompress any .zip file.

    NSIS is a free, open source, light-weight installer;

    • Sean Morrison

      Sean Morrison - 2008-01-06

      For what it's worth, Jonathan Bonomo worked pretty hard to make a really nice NSIS installer for BRL-CAD.  The next release of BRL-CAD for windows will use that installer instead of the InstallShield installer.  The next Windows release will likely be in a month or two if all goes as planned.


    • T.J. Yang

      T.J. Yang - 2008-06-15

      I can help on WiX but not NSIS. WiX is my preferred packaging tool for win32.
      Look like too late to pitch in my suggestion. Ever considered WiX ?


      T.J. Yang

      • Sean Morrison

        Sean Morrison - 2008-06-15


        That's really up to whomever helps work on making Windows binary releases, which is presently done mostly by devs that don't enjoy working on Windows.  But I have to say, though, that NSIS has been absolutely great so far for generating the Windows installer.  It's been great for making a nice-looking installer that doesn't require admin to install.

        I wouldn't see much point in changing to something else for the hell of it when NSIS did everything we needed and has been a breeze to maintain.  That said, there's not really anyone that is "dedicated" to being the Windows maintainer, though.  So if someone did step up to be the maintainer, was contributing the effort it requires, and wanted to use a different approach -- I don't really see their choice of a different installer generator being a problem.



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