Is there a command to clear the framebuffer?

  • Mark Hobley

    Mark Hobley - 2011-03-23

    Is there a command that can be entered into the shell to clear the framebuffer display?

    The Z command removes the wireframe from the graphical display window, but the raytraced image remains on screen.

    I can remove the raytraced image by using Menu, File, Raytrace, Button: fbclear via the graphical display window, but I do not appear to be able to do this from the mged console:

    Error: invalid command name "fbclear"

  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2011-03-23

    That would make a good feature request, but the present means to call that on the command line is to either a) run fbclear outside of mged (fbclear -F0) or b) invoke fbclear from within mged (exec fbclear -F0) or c) run "do_fbclear id_0".


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