Trying to start mged graphically on FC8

  • Clutch

    Clutch - 2008-07-10

    How do I get a graphics window on Fedora Core 8.  I'm using KDE.

    [root@localhost bin]# ./mged test.g
    BRL-CAD Release 7.10.2  Geometry Editor (MGED)
        Mon Jul  7 05:03:16 EDT 2008, Compilation 2

    attach (nu)[nu]?



    • Sean Morrison

      Sean Morrison - 2008-07-11


      Looks like you probably compiled BRL-CAD yourself?  I would suggest either using a binary distribution or (if you are) compiling yourself to make sure support for X11 is enabled.

      I'm guessing you compiled yourself given that identifier which more than likely means that configure did not find everything it needs to compile BRL-CAD with X11 support.  You were probably missing X11 headers/libraries (which are usually a separate rpm/apt/install/etc for most linux distributions).


    • Clutch2

      Clutch2 - 2008-07-11

      Yes, I compiled brl-cad myself.  Can't find a binary for Fedora.  I've installed every X11 library that the software manager says is out there.  I can load xclock, xfig, and xterm.

      The configure script says I do not have X support.  Ideas?


      • Sean Morrison

        Sean Morrison - 2008-07-12

        Running apps that use X11 and compiling apps that use X11 have different requirements.  To compile, you need the developer headers which are usually in a separate section of package management systems.  If you really do have X11 headers/libs installed, then you may simply need to tell configure where they are (./configure --help).  Look for Xlib.h .. maybe in /usr/X11R6/include/X11/Xlib.h or similar.  Otherwise, I'd need to see your config.log file to determine just why exactly it's failing to detect it.  If you want to go that route, please open a support request tracker and attach your log file.

        There are binaries for Linux in the "BRL-CAD for Linux" section...
        7.12.2 has binaries for 64-bit Intel and Altix, the 7.10.4 release includes 32-bit Intel binaries (probably what you want).  As a new user, you're not going to miss anything by going to previous revisions.



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