MAC OSX 10.3

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Installation and DMG: can I hope to find in a near future a DMG file to mount BRL on my Mac? Unfortunately I am not able to compile starting from source: I am a Mac user only since 2004 and I have no idea about what I can use (tools) to compile for OSX.
    Thank you
    p.s. It is since a very long time I was waiting for a software like BRL: it is the first real chance to use a solid modeller without  paying a 3 zero check.

    • Sean Morrison

      Sean Morrison - 2005-04-05

      Yes, of course.. :-) 

      The .dmg generation is on the list of tasks for this month so you should at least have it by this time next month if not sooner.  There have been some delays in getting the installation package to properly configure your environment so that the BRL-CAD tools are properly located.  Plus the details of making the .dmg get automatically generated, which does require just a little more effort.  Pays off big in the long run, though.  Stay tuned.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      MAC osX 10.2.8 also I hope? thanks for your time.

      • Sean Morrison

        Sean Morrison - 2005-04-08

        Yes, 10.2 too.

        While I can't say we'll ship binaries that are 10.1 or 10.0 compatible, the sources should still compile just fine for someone still using those versions also.  If there's another dev wants to ensure compatibility that far back, they are more than welcome as well.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      thanks: I start waiting. I think there are some people in the world that really like their own job: you are among these people.
      writing software is not a very simple task, but when I find such available people, well I am glad.
      If you need some help, tell to me: maybe for some little little help I can do something for you.


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