Cross section

  • Is any way to produce cross-sections of a model?

  • G. G. Krupp
    G. G. Krupp

    I would just make a shape that you can use with a Boolean operation to "cut away" part of the model.  Say your model parts are grouped together in an object named "Model" and you can place a cube (rcc) in such a way that it will cut through your model.  You could make a region called "cutaway.r" with the following command.

    mged> r cutaway.r u Model - cube

    Then just display the region "cutaway.r" when you want to view or ray trace a cross section.

    mged> B cutaway.r

  • Sean Morrison
    Sean Morrison

    You can either use subtraction or intersection operations to get a cross section.  The method ggkrupp mentions is certainly a common one.

    Another common approach is to use the -k option to rt during ray-tracing.  That will enable the use of a cutting plane defined by an xyz direction vector and a distance (defining a cutting plane).