Is this Forum still active...?

  • Alex Pereira

    Alex Pereira - 2009-06-27

    Hi Forum

    Please note that this is NOT a rant comment...   :-)

    I have posted a question here a while ago, and no one answered, after much googling i found out the answer...

    There has been no activity since 16/6...  what i mean asking if the furum is still active is "Is SourceForge BRLCAD forum still the main forum for BRLCAD users...?, is it still the right place to post any doubts or questions pertaining to BRLCAD...? or is it shifted to some other user group...? "

    Thanks in advance

    Best regards


    • Sean Morrison

      Sean Morrison - 2009-06-28

      Hey Alex,

      The forum is still active but not generally the best place to post questions.  The users mailing list is generally much more responsive due to a wider audience.  That said, the forums are being migrated to a new system which will make them easier to use and manage, which should also help.  It's still  depends on the depth of the question too.


    • Alex Pereira

      Alex Pereira - 2009-06-28

      Hi Sean

      Thanks for the answer,

      Best regards



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