7.12.0 : issues

  • Wim Bokkers

    Wim Bokkers - 2008-03-26


    I downloaded the 7.12.0 sources and did a build with Visual Studio 2008 (I had to build rtlib first before building other projects).

    Then I copied the brlcadInstall directory to another computer. Trying to run anything resulted in an error stating that the computer was not properly configured.

    On my machine, I had no trouble running mged. Nice!

    But on trying rtweight on a geometry I got the error: "rtweight.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close". The exception occurred in osfinfo.c at __lock_fhandle.

    I'm using a density file with the following format:

    materialnumber    density    description

    Any thoughts on this? Do I need to wait for the 7.12 setup?


    • Sean Morrison

      Sean Morrison - 2008-03-27


      Huh, that's odd -- that said, the NSIS installer would be what you should be using to do the install, not copying the directory around.  The NSIS installer for BRL-CAD should have been automatically built when you ran the build.  There's a test build NSIS installer for 7.12.0 uploaded to our anonymous ftp server ( ftp.brlcad.org/incoming ) , you can give that a try too.

      That said, it sounds like it may be a bug regardless..  Presumably the density file you're trying is known to work just fine on *nix?


      • Wim Bokkers

        Wim Bokkers - 2008-03-27

        BTW, Thank you for your quick answer, Sean!

        The density file works fine on Unix.

      • ted creedon

        ted creedon - 2008-03-27

        can someone post a how to for captcha?
        I can't get into the brlcad site

        what domain do I use the sending or receiving?


    • Wim Bokkers

      Wim Bokkers - 2008-03-27

      Hi, I can't find the installer after the build.

      I tried the test build NSIS istaller. On starting most of the executables starting with 'rt', I get the message:

      "The system cannot execute the specified program."

      • Sean Morrison

        Sean Morrison - 2008-03-27

        Really?  Well that's certainly NFG..  Hrm.

        The installer probably isn't there because you don't have the nsis tools installed.  Forgot that they are implicitly required.



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