B-command shows nothing ??

  • André Anckaert

    André Anckaert - 2009-11-20


    Opening an existing database shows nothing. Invoking the B-command to show the whole picture shows nothing. Except some yellow-coloured hyeroglyphs at the bottom. A German viewer shows the nice tin woodsman and lets me play with him…

    Sometimes after a while malloc fails and/or Windows aborts BRL-CAD.- for some reason I am not well instructed enough to understand.

    Sometimes I get a raytrace in my display-window without knowing how. But now:


    when I try to get one, raytrace fails.

    Obviously I am way from understanding BRL-CAD (and Windows) from A till Z. Somebody knows what fails here ?

    André Anckaert from Belgium.

  • André Anckaert

    André Anckaert - 2009-11-21

    Here is another episode of the same story:


    mged> draw man.g   : did nothing

    mged> debugmem    : did nothing

    mged> debugbu 2     : mged spawned a torrent of "Handled 0 events" and Windows went groggy for several minutes. I finally managed somehow  to get it on its feet without restarting it. And the sreen was almost complete for taking the shot in the above URL.

    The white hole in the torrent was a lethal fault message.

    André Anckaert from Belgium.

  • André Anckaert

    André Anckaert - 2009-11-22

    And here is some hopefully useful info about my PC and another raytrace fail:


    PS: How do I put here a real direct hyperlink, that looks like one? (blue and underscored)

    André Anckaert from Belgium.

  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2009-11-23

    André, thanks for all the info and screenshots.  There is definitely something wrong with BRL-CAD on your system, as it's just not drawing the wireframe at all apparently.  It's undoubtedly related to some OpenGL issue.  The fact that raytrace fails, though, implies there is something more fundamental wrong with the install too, though.

    Where's you get that install from BRL-CAD from?

    What version is it?  Looks like 7.14.8

    What bideo card do you have, and are your graphics drivers up to date?

    That said, we're about to post a 7.16.2 binary for Windows that hopefully will work better for you.  An announcement will be made later this week when it's available.


  • André Anckaert

    André Anckaert - 2009-11-23

    Yes Sean it is 7.14.8 and I got it on Nov. 12 by downloading from Sourceforge and installing it with the BRL-CAD_7.14.8.exe wizard.


    On the 15th I also downloaded the source:


    On some previous occasion Windows complained about a file named "Program1" on my C:\ disk that seemed to perturbate its start-up. It should be renamed I was told. Here its contents as I can see them: it's an image since I can copy but not paste here…


    I renamed it to "Program" and put it to sleep in my BRL-CADdirectory. As it is obviously related to BRL-CAD. What is it for?

    The one of the 12th I just deleted.

    My video-card? I would not know where to look for that. BUT: Archer does show the things it opens and so does this German viewer. Both let me do zooms and rotations.It's only MGED that fails to do the thing. At least nowadays. I remember a previous version show me meshes, doing raytraces in a sort of black and white, with which I could do but look at them. And once surprising me with a non-stop rotation of a sphere about the center. I did not know how I started that one…or how to stop it.

    So I think it is not really my computer…

    As soon as I hear of your next 7.16.2 release, i will give it a try and report. By the way, must I first uninstall 7.14.8 ??

    André Anckaert from Belgium.

  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2009-11-23

    It's hard to tell what is wrong with your 7.14.8 install given the various problems you've run into.  It's very interesting to know that Archer is actually working for you yet MGED is not as they both use nearly the same foundation and the same display subsystem.  Regardless, the next step is probably to try a more recent BRL-CAD from a clean install.  You should uninstall 7.14.8 before installing an update simple because it's obviously not working correctly.

    The rotation of the sphere was started by hitting one of the keys x, y, z, X, Y, or Z in the graphics window.  Those are rotation key bindings that are used to spin the model around.  Hitting "0" stops the rotation.



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