• Zach Reisman

    Zach Reisman - 2010-01-02

    I'm new to MGED.   I've been working through the introduction tutorials.   Is there any way to adjust the wireframe to show more lines?   For example, when you create a sphere, the wireframe has three lines.   Is it possible to have to show 10 or 20?   It just seems a little difficult to visualize what you are doing with so few.    

    Thanks in advance.


  • Sean Morrison

    Sean Morrison - 2010-01-02

    There are two commands that will generally give wireframes with more lines.  They are the "E" and "ev" commands.  You can use those instead of the "e" (i.e., "draw") command to display an 'evaluated' polygonal representation of geometry.

    Note that given those two commands evaluate geometry, they can be expensive (i.e., take a long time to draw) or may not even succeed if the geometry is highly complex.  For simple objects (especially primitives), it should do just fine.




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