How to install BRL-CAD in Fedora 8 ...

  • jahre

    jahre - 2007-11-22

    Sorry, i'm newbie linux user, I install FC8 in my Vaio's with a intel core 2 duo (2.00 Ghz) , which BRL-CAD version i can download?
    the ia-i386?
    where i can find the install istruction?
    there are a dependencies that i must to download?

    thank you for the support...

    • Sean Morrison

      Sean Morrison - 2008-01-06


      If you're still having trouble installing BRL-CAD, please let me know.  I'd always suggest trying the latest download, whether binary or source.  For ia-i386, there is a "BRL-CAD for Linux" binary that should work just fine (labeled as i386).  In all source AND binary distributions is an INSTALL file that describes how to install from either binary or source distributions.  There are no required dependencies that are not provided for you, particularly for source distributions as BRL-CAD will auto-configure to compile what it needs if it's not available.


    • Mark Forsyth

      Mark Forsyth - 2008-06-18

      If anyone is still listening, I'd like a few pointers on how to install rel-7.12.2 on Fedora8.  I logged in as root, gunzipped the file, then did a "tar -xvf brlcad_7.12.2_x86_64.tar" which went though and listed everything contained, but didn't anything.  

      What's the steps to correctly install brlcad and then to start it up? 

      Thanks for any help.

      • Sean Morrison

        Sean Morrison - 2008-06-18


        That looks like a binary package, so once you untar it you should have a usr/brlcad directory in the directory where you ran tar.  Running this should install it:

        cp usr/brlcad /usr/.

        Then you can verify the install with /usr/brlcad/bin/benchmark and /usr/brlcad/bin/mged

        There are more details here:\*checkout*/brlcad/brlcad/trunk/INSTALL


    • Sean Morrison

      Sean Morrison - 2008-06-18

      OOPS! .. that should be mv not cp...

      mv usr/brlcad /usr/.

    • Mark Forsyth

      Mark Forsyth - 2008-06-18

      yup, I didn't see that it created a usr directory next to the tar file.  The mv command put it into the right place in the /usr directory.

      Thanks! :)


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