More complete vi command line editing....

  • Someone Who Cares

    I have largely expanded/corrected the vi command line editing and am wondering how to make the benefits of this effort available to all.

    Sean, I'm the guy from the thread last month about rt not working because X/OGL were not being autodetected.

    • Sean Morrison

      Sean Morrison - 2005-12-09

      Excellent!  If you modified existing source files, then you can generate a unified diff off of whatever sources you started with.  You'd then tar those up or upload the diffs individually to the Patches tracker at:

      To generate a unified diff, you use the -u option to diff:

      diff -u original.c new.c > file.patch

      You can diff entire directories as well if there are multiple files involved.  If you happen to have a CVS checkout, cvs can do the diff for you: cvs diff -u > mods.patch

      Upload that patch and it should make it in the Jan release if there are no problems with it.  Iff all this diff'ing is unfamiliar or you're simply unsure, just upload the files you changed and someone should be able to figure it out.  If it's only a couple lines, just paste those lines into the patch submission comment or e-mail them to the brlcad-devel mailing list and someone can make the changes.



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